Mar 12 2014

April: Client Appreciation Month

April is…..

Client Appreciation Month,




1. Because over and over again we are told that by the veterinarians that work for us vs elsewhere
2. Client’s come in for their annual check-up for both their dogs and their cats.
3. They are generally interested in preventative and thorough pet care in that they tend to….
4. Get regular wellness blood or other testing as per hospital policy or close to it (website)
5. Are willing to do a decent amount of diagnostics to work up their pet when it is sick
6. Are willing to go ahead with the proper medical treatment or surgical care when it is needed
7. Understand the importance of dental cleanings (as we are busy with dentistries)
8. Are increasingly purchasing pet insurance to cover unexpected expensive procedures and…
9. Tend to follow and trust veterinary advice with their furry family members.

So, for April

we’d like to say thanks

to all those great clients that keep Beechwood A.H. in business and allow us to expand our services.

We’d like to invite you to come by some time to say hello and get a treat on us from Epicuria. You’re also welcome to ask for a tour of the hospital which can also be seen on-line for those not able to come by at

And for April we are offering ½ price on nail trims, microchips at $48 (24% off) and a free dental evaluation by one of our 3 registered veterinary technicians (RVT) who do the dental cleanings at our hospital. They’ll be more than willing to instruct you on good home care to keep your pet’s teeth clean and gums healthy.

Please call us to give us some notice on what you’d like to do so we can book a technician for you if you’d like a dental evaluation or a tour. Drop in clients can have nails done and possibly a tour pending patient factors. Once again……THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR CLIENTS!

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