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July is “Allergy Month” at Beechwood Animal Hospital. This month our team will focus primarily on environmental allergies, (also known as “Atopy”), and offer some discounts to our clients who have allergic pets.

The primary therapies with the highest efficacy to decrease or stop allergy symptoms (primarily itchiness, ear infections and rashes) are Prednisone, Vanectyl-P, Apoquel (Oclacitinib), Atopica (Cyclosporin) and immunotherapy (desensitization). Antihistamines such as Benadryl (2-3 times daily), Reactine (1-2x daily) and many others have only an efficacy of 8-25% of pets.

New research is showing that dogs that develop Atopy have an underlying defect in their skin barrier function. Researchers have found that atopic dogs lose more water from their skin than dogs with healthy skin, meaning the barrier is not as tight. Current preventatives, alternative therapies or concomitant treatments have focused on strengthening and improving the pet’s skin barrier function. It is also thought that there is an allergic threshold where dogs only show signs if they are exposed to enough allergens that take them over a particular pet’s allergy threshold. If a pet also has a food allergy than this adds to the threshold level.

Atopy Pyoderma and The Skin Rusty Muse DVMA CVD.pdf

We are offering discounts if you are interested in adding any of these therapies to your pet’s care:

SKIN SUPPORT DIET by Royal Canine: Buy 1 bag and get the 2nd bag free. This diet is formulated with essential fatty acids and other nutrients to reduce skin inflammation, help strengthen skin barrier function/ skin integrity and lower potential undiagnosed food allergy thresholds as it is a fish based diet. Ideally this diet should be started 1 month before your pet’s allergy season. It can be stopped after the allergy season.

ALLERDERM:  Buy 1 and get the 2nd box free.  A skin lipid complex contains ceramides and fatty acids similar to those found in normal, healthy feline and canine skin. It smells nice and is easy to administer. It helps to improve skin barrier function. You apply it to the skin once per week the first month then every 3 weeks. Ideally start 1 month before the allergy season.

CALM SHAMPOO and SPRAYS: 25% off in July. This product is specifically designed to ‘calm’ allergic skin, remove allergens on the pet’s coat and build the skin barrier function. Specifically by supplying the skin the key ingredient for barrier function – “Phytosphingosine”. Initially, and intermittently, you shampoo and in between shampoos you spray the therapy on the pet’s coat.

OMEGA FATTY ACIDS (Ultra EFA or AllerG-3) 25% off this July.  This works on itsown to relieve allergic symptoms in 25-50% of allergic dogs. It is anti-inflammatory and builds skin barrier function among other benefits, such as increased coat shine and decreased flaking/ dandruff. It has internal benefits as well.

Thank you for being our clients, trusting your pets with us and offering your kind referrals.

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