Our Equipment




Idexx VetTest Chemistry Analyzer  – performs diagnostic serum biochemical analysis to determine the levels of serum markers that assess the health of internal organs (liver, kidney, pancreas, GI) and screens for diabetes, hyper/hypocalcaemia, hyper/hypoproteinemia and acid/base problems-lactate levels)

Centrifuges   (Cell Cycle 360 , Stem Cell  – to separate out stem cells from Adipose tissue),  LW Scientific – to separate out blood, urine and fecal samples;  Silencer – to determine the packed cell volume of red blood cells and the total plasma solids

Microscopes: Meiji and Olympus microscopes used in cytology (ear, skin, mass, liquid), urinalysis, parasitic identification and fecal egg evaluations.

Fluid Pumps (3):  2 Travenol and 1 double Baxter Fluid Pumps – For accurate administration of intravenous fluids.   Medex Medifusion 2010 – for accurate administration via continuous rate infusion of specific drugs (e.g. for pain and anti-seizure medications).

Anesthetic Machines (3)  2 Moduflex Coaxial Machines and 1 DRE Machine for the administration and elimination of 100%oxygen and isoflurane gas anesthesia.  These machines are attached to a Vortex Recoveries Inc. active scavenger that eliminates these gases from the patient and work environment.

Surgical/ Anesthetic Monitors   

Bionet BM3 Vet– measures blood pressure, electrocardiographic (ECG) readings, pulse oximetry (oxygen saturation), heart rate,  respiratory rate and temperature.

Cardell Veterinary Monitor – measures heart rate and blood pressure. 

Heska Vet/Ox 4404 – measures heart rate and pulse oximetry (arterial Oxygen saturation) –used in combination with the Cardell machine in the dental area, or as a diagnostic tool in patients having trouble breathing. 

Parks Medical Ultrasonic Doppler – measures blood pressure. Also used in an awake animal to diagnose hypertension (particularly in aged cats).

Gaymar T/Pump – Circulating hot water patient pad.  Used to help maintain the patient’s normal temperature while under general anesthesia.

Sanyo Autoclave  for the sterilization of surgical equipment including surgical instrument packs, lap drapes, surgical gowns, etc.

Dentalaire Dental Station –   High speed / Low speed hand pieces and a piezoelectric dental scaler.  Used to scale and polish teeth (link to dental program) and to section teeth into individual root sections to aid in extraction of teeth with periodontal disease, fractures or resorptive lesions.

IDEXX PACS Digital X-ray Machine – 50-400 Milliamperage x-ray unit to x-ray all sizes of small animal patients (chest, abdomen, spine,     head and limbs)

MyLab 50 Ultrasound Machine – Used primarily for diagnostic ultrasound for abdominal conditions such as cancer screens,kidney and bladder problems, reproductive problems or pregnancy, emergency screens for abdominal and thoracic fluid, but can also be used for tendon, eye and tumor assessments For echocardiograms or cardiac assessments we call in a specialist in this area until we get the specific cardiac training.

Electrosurgery – Vetroson V-10 Bipolar Electrosurgical Unit  This is a surgical unit that has 4 basic  electrical currents of radio frequency (also called radiosurgery).  Mostly it is used for simultaneous coagulation and cutting for ‘close to’ bloodless surgery. It can be used solely for coagulation, cutting or furguration (a current for destroying warts, small tumors, or for debriding of diseased tissue spaces). It is particularly indicated in surgery of removing vascular tumors and for declawing cats (generally discouraged procedure at Beechwood A.H. by any method).  It allows bloodless declawing of cats without the use of tourniquets, fine cutting control to avoid pad injuries with minimal collateral tissue damage (like CO2 Laser )and good bridging by granulation tissue (better than CO2 Laser) (from JAVMA 2010 Nov-Dec:46(6)375-384). This should lead to better/ faster healing and less pain compared to conventional methods.

Laser Therapy see the sections on this novel therapeutic approach Laser Therapy  

In brief, the use of non-thermal light energy to 1. Stimulate tissue cells (photostimulation) to regenerate (esp. muscle, tendons, ligaments), 2. Direct action on nerve tissue and cells to release B-endorphins systemically and decrease pain transmission locally , 3. Increased circulation and cellular release of anti-inflammatory mediators for decreased inflammation.

We have an in-house laboratory we bought from Medivet Biologics 

Medivet Shaker Water Bath-   For incubating adipose (fat) tissue for digestion to separate out regenerative stem cells.

Medivet LED Unit  – for activating stem cells to divide after they have been digested from fat, cleaned and  filtered down to the stromal vascular fraction (approx.29% stem cells, 24% progenitor cells) (link to stem cell information)