Weight Loss Program

Beechwood Animal Hospital, Ottawa, Canada

The following pages are a modification /short form of our in hospital’s weight loss program. It was developed to be run under veterinary supervision by hospital animal technicians (RVT’s) to help pet owners in a big-brother- big sister fashion, to get their animals to a healthy ideal body weight. This improves pet health, mobility and studies have shown possibly 2 extra years of longevity!

Some of the detailed information involving names of specific diets ,weight loss drug therapies and program costs are available in the client’s only section of this website (due to regulatory rules).

3 charts are available:
1. to calculate your pets degree of weight loss or body condition score,
2. to show why fat is considered to have endocrine function and excess fat leads to chronic inflammation and a sort of ‘disease’ state, and
3. to chart your progress with a Weight Loss Program graph.

Body Condition Score  (see chart*BCS as defined in our program

3/5   =  ideal body weight  (-4% to +4% overweight*)
3+/5 =  5% to 14% overweight
4/5   =  15   to 21% overweight
4+/5 =  22   to 29% overweight
5/5   =   30  to 44% overweight
5+/5 =     >45%       overweight

Brief Program overview (all included in price)

  • Introductory  Technician (RVT) appointments 2- 3 visits 20-30min each
  • RVT rechecks for weights/ BCS/ diet calculation and adjustments etc every 2-4 weeks (ideally in person but phone consults optional).
  • Weight loss program is linked up to a rebound program to prevent rebound of weight when transitioning to regular diet.  Total duration <12 months.
  • Veterinary supervision. The same vet and technician are committed to your pets program. The vet fills out a supervisory form at 3, 6, 9, 12 and 24 months , reviews your pets file and discusses with your technician.

Program Options:
1. Mini or introductory weight loss visit with a technician
2. Full weight loss program
3. Starting with a weight loss diet purchase and / or with dilotapide drug therapy with your veterinarian (a consult is required).

Please call us to enroll in either a mini introductory visit or to start the weight loss program. Put your pet on the healthy road to ideal body weight!