Cat Boarding

The Executive Suite

The Executive Suite

Cats boarding at our clinic are required to have been examined by a Veterinarian, and be current in all vaccines. Veterinary care is provided as needed for cats on medications, special diets, or in the event they develop any medical condition during their stay.

We have several large secure cages for sleeping, eating, and those finicky boarders who just want to have their own space.

We also have 2 large runs we convert into ‘The Executive Suite” for two or more cats from the same family boarding together.

Boarders are allowed free roam of the clinic during regular office hours, and get lots of attention and patting by the staff.

Below are some photos of our boarders!

All getting along – nap time.

Let me help you with that!

I can see EVERYthing!

I like this crate best!

The Executive Suite

There Are Two of Us…

What! We’re just playing!

I can sleep anywhere