Emergency Services

Animal Emergency and Specialty Services Hospital, Ottawa


613 – 745-0123


1155 Lola street, Ottawa; From the Vanier Parkway, turn left off Coventry Rd. just opposite the Canadian Tire store onto Lola street. It is in a business complex on the second driveway to the right.

Formed by a co-operative partnership of many veterinary hospitals in Ottawa.Beechwood Animal Hospital is one of the share holders.

This is the first emergency only hospital in Ottawa.  Clients will be able to get their own veterinarians to do the follow up care, surgeries, or work up that is not part of the emergency. Specialties include Neurology, Internal Medicine, dentistry, Oncology, Dermatology, Surgery.

Alta Vista Animal Hospital                    613- 731-9911

Full service general practice, specialist referral center and emergency hospital.

Ottawa Veterinary Hospital                  613- 729-6139

Full service general and emergency hospital